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Bjam Records  was founded in 1993 as an indie label based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bjam's debut release was "Great Dream" by the Geyer Street Sheiks. More releases followed including: "It's Hoo Doo Time" by The Hoo Doo Cats, "Far As The Wind Blows" by Belle Starr, "What's That Smell? Live At The Venice Cafe" by Funkabilly, "Rethink Rubbish" by FulmAr and "Out Of The Gate Again-Sixteen More From The Grain Belt" a compilation of songs from St. Louis area bands.

Bjam was active until 2006 when it became clear that never getting paid-that's another story- was a bummer. 

Some of the titles may still be available y
ou just can't get them from us. If you do a little rummaging you should be able to find, a used CD or the digital download.

Happy rummaging and thanks for the trip.

The Bjam Boys.


The Geyer Street Sheiks
Missouri Blues Old & Evil

Rethink Rubbish Hobo Rock

Belle Starr

Out of The Gate Again
Alt-Country/Americana Compilation

What's that smell? Live at the Venice Cafe

PIPELINE LOVE-Streaming From Colorful Waikiki

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